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Planning is crucial to the success of most ventures, especially those that require significant investment in the physical environment. Billes Partners provides planning services to meet the needs of the owner/developer, financiers, regulatory oversight agencies and communities.

Master plans provide for quality and responsible implementation, both initially and into the future. Plans may be phased for financial or logistical reasons. Billes Partners emphasizes implementation planning so that projects may be realized, rather than just conceptualized. We consider funding sources and strategies, phasing requirements, and coordination with other relevant projects in developing the implementation plan.

In addition to providing the integrated planning services to develop plans for communities, universities, institutions, and private clients, Billes Partners can provide strategic design services for single buildings or clusters of buildings that would benefit from integration into an existing plan or being made part of a larger whole. Corporations or other entities that have grown or decreased in size over time have utilized our services to “right-size” them once again in order to optimize their performance and costs.


Campus Planning 

Urban Design 

New Communities 

Urban Corridor Development 

Infill Planning and Redevelopment 

Facility Planning Assessments

Land Use Planning and Zoning 

Transportation Planning