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Flux House
Flux House
ReOse Sustainable Building Design Contest submission

Client: In-House Project
Completion Date: 2010

Flux is French for flow. Flow is a most critical concept when envisioning affordable, sustainable living accommodations for developing nations.

Billes Partners’ entry into the Oceansafe/Regen Sustainable Building Design Contest, the Flux House, begins its conception with the flow of resources to a development site. The Oceansafe Green Building System addresses the logistical and technical issues of delivering needed housing resources to areas where such resources are limited or non-existent.

Flow is the ease at which the Flux House design can be assembled and inhabited by single or extended families. Flow is the culture and lifestyle of the Gulf South region of the United States and our Caribbean ancestry. Flow is the ability of the Flux House to adapt to even the harsh environments of the Middle East. The Flux House perfectly responds to shipping requirements of limited panel area for exterior surfaces and site adaptability. The simplicity of boldly presented flat surfaces suggests ease of fabrication and installation while the compact footprint lends itself to unlimited site adaptability regardless of terrain or forestation concerns. Combining manufactured products with simple local products effects shared economics with the recipient nation.

The floor plan is developed with an understanding of cultural indoor/outdoor living and a presentation of street formality. The house fronts the public with a sense of security with its gated entry leading to a private house entry off of the main outdoor living area in the rear. Evident from the street is the order of public and private, cultural influence and technological sophistication. Simple in presentation, Flux can offer multiple faces to the street or public realm depending on site conditions or homeowner preference. The plan development is all about Flow – front to back, back to front, bottom to top, top to bottom. Key to this Flow is the use of sliding Oceansafe panels for doorway, ventilation and security elements. Opened up, the Flux House conforms to a cultural precedent of indoor/outdoor living, indoor and outdoor food preparation, observation of child play in a safe, spacious outdoor area and open areas for entertainment.