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Growth Management Plan
Growth Management Plan
New Orleans, Louisiana

Client: Downtown Development District 
Scope: Central Business District Master Plan 
Completion Date: 1987 

In the mid 1970’s New Orleans undertook a Growth Management Plan to guide both public and private development in the Central Business District (CBD). By 1987, changes in market projections, development trends, federal spending, and economic activities necessitated updating the original Growth Management Plan. 

In updating the plan, the current conditions of the New Orleans CBD were inventoried and a likely future, given the current conditions and market demands, was outlined. Various alternative scenarios which might occur under different public policy choices and investment priorities were then evaluated, a preferred development direction was selected, and its goals and objectives were defined. Finally, strategies for achieving these goals and objectives were developed. 

In addition to reaffirming the goals of the original Growth Management Plan, the 1987 Plan established five new goals: 

- consolidate the downtown office core between Poydras and Canal. 

- protect and reinforce the traditional retail function of Canal Street. 

- increase the range of residential opportunities in rehabilitated, renovated, and new buildings. 

- provide a series of connected, publicly oriented and accessible activites along the River. 

- improve access to and movement within downtown with a balanced transportation system. 

Gerald Billes, as Principal of his former firm, acted as a consultant to local and national planning firms in the documentation of physical conditions by land use categories in the preparation of updated land use maps. This document has successfully guided the development of New Orleans’ Central Business District.