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Southern University New Orleans
Southern University New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

Client: Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA 
Completion Date: 1994

The State of Louisiana acquired approximately 50 acres of land north of the main campus of Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) to accomodate the university’s growth. Mr. Billes’ former firm was retained to prepare a master plan for that “North Campus” to direct growth. 

In order to do this, the South Campus had to be analyzed to fully understand the needs and constraints that faced the University. The institution also had ambitious goals to increase population and to house several hundred students on the campus.

Several campus buildings had outgrown their useful life, requiring either major overhaul or demolition in order to allow for highest and best uses of resources to serve future generations of students and faculty. The scope of the North Campus Master Plan grew into a full academic needs analysis, space utilization, and physical conditions evaluation of the South Campus along with the North Campus considerations, thereby allowing the University to direct its future.

Other considerations in the plan were: 
- placement of buildings and their uses. 
- best use of 3 existing buildings already occupying the North Campus. 
- physical separation of North from South Campuses and their connection. 
- need for on-campus parking. 
- proximity to Lake Pontchartrain. 
- existence of athletic facilities owned and operated by the University of New Orleans immediately adjacent to the North Campus. 

The results of the Master Plan showed a need to create a second activity node, dormitory buildings, academic buildings, and an athletic facility. A holding pond for runoff, and landscaping were also important ingredients for the look of the final campus. Uses on the South Campus were changed as new facilities were built on the North Campus so as not to disrupt the activities of the University. The SUNO Master Plan continues to guide development of the University.

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