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Opelousas Land Use and CZO
Opelousas Land Use and CZO
Opelousas, Louisiana
Client: City of Opelousas
Size: 425 acres
Cost: $122,500
Completion Date: 2007

Billes Partners was commissioned in 2005 to develop a Land Use Plan and a Zoning Ordinance for the City of Opelousas, in Louisiana. The city of approximately 23,000 people had no zoning ordinance at the time.

Billes Partners worked with a team of consultants to accomplish the rare task of putting in place a zoning ordinance where there was none before. The effort required numerous meetings with the mayor, aldermen, civil servants, and the people of Opelousas in order to find out what was desired for the city, as well as keeping everyone informed along the way. 

Smart-growth principles informed the planning effort by establishing a number of flexible, multi-use zoning districts in order to preserve and encourage the historically diverse character of many of Opelousas’ neighborhoods. The Downtown district is also set up with certain form-based requirements to preserve and enhance the physical density of the city cente

The zoning effort culminated with the adoption of a zoning ordinance in late 2006.