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French Market Revitalization Plan
French Market Revitalization Plan
New Orleans, Louisiana
Client / Owner: French Market Corporation
Cost: $7 Million
Completion Date: 2008
The French Market Revitalization Plan was a comprehensive effort by Billes Partners, along with the French Market Corporation, designed to strengthen the entire French Market for the benefit of the surrounding Vieux Carré neighborhood and the larger New Orleans community.

The Market has long been associated with its adjacent neighborhood and has a history of serving the entire city, initially as a source of meat, fish, and fresh produce, and now as a vibrant retail, restaurant, and trading center.

The goal of the project was to restore the Market’s authenticity and sense of place through a series of physical improvements that are consistent with the Market’s historical character. Such improvements include deferred maintenance, improvements in infrastructure and amenities, upgrades to buildings and facilities, and improved traffic and pedestrian flow. The project was conceived to celebrate the Market’s cultural identity and reconnect it with its community.

In addition to the architectural elements analyzed for improvement and enhancement, operational policies were revisited to address such elements as merchandising, tenant design criteria, regulation compliance, and security.

Along with visual inspections, civil engineering surveys, and a traffic study, stakeholder input was sought during the project through questionnaires, interviews, and a website forum.