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Twin Forks Rising Master Plan Phase II
Twin Forks Rising Master Plan Phase II
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Client: City of Hattiesburg
Completion Date: 2013

Twin Forks Rising is the re-envisioning of the Twin Forks area of Hattiesburg, MS, also known as Ward 2.  Twin Forks’ history is culturally rich and vibrant and included a thriving African-American commercial district, residential and industrial areas.  The master planning effort sought to establish a framework to return Twin Forks to its formerly proud status by mitigating chronic flooding and drainage problems, focusing on the natural environment as assets to the community, mitigating environmental hazards, overcoming barriers to investment, and investing in the community’s infrastructure and human capital.

The highly interactive process included community participation in setting goals and priorities, and establishing planning scenarios.  Three planning options were presented.  The final plan, purposefully ambitious, was vetted with community participants, planning leaders, local university representatives and the city administration.  The plan creates a series of water features based on the Dutch philosophy of embracing flood waters by retaining flooding in a series of canals and lakes that also serve as public amenities.

 Other features included enhanced transportation connecting areas currently segregated, education enterprise zones to encourage organic growth in Twin Forks along with expansion of its local university, infrastructure renewal, and economic development incentives.  The plan details the process for implementation, starting with the creation of a community development corporation (CDC) to provide the vehicle for investment in the community and to guide future development.