Billes Partners | Create Innovate Inspire

Creating environments that inspire a love of living

Mission / Core Values


To create environments that inspire a love of living.

We will do this by creating beauty in the built environment, incorporating design innovation and a strong adherence to quality, and always being responsive to our clients, and to the communities and environments affected by our work.


Create:  We will create beauty through the vehicle of our designs. Our design process incorporates innovation, a strong adherence to quality, and the inspiration contributed by our talented design staff. Our goal for the designs we create is that they contribute to the communities in which they are located, and inspire those who use them. We have also created partnerships with our clients, consultants, and our company family that make our work enjoyable, meaningful and effective. 

Innovate:  Innovation is integral to our work at Billes Partners. We regularly look at alternatives in approaching both processes and solutions that will maximize our benefit to our client. We work to achieve the specific needs of the client as our first priority, and we thrive on finding innovative solutions, whether related to project funding, space planning, project delivery systems or a myriad of other project components. For our team, design innovation always includes the implementation of a sustainability program. For some projects this may be achieving LEED Platinum certification; for others, it may be the inclusion of passive energy efficient systems. For each project we assess an appropriate sustainability approach.

Inspire:  We hope to inspire those who use the spaces we have created by their beauty and sensitivity, reinforcement of the activities that take place within the design, and positive impact on the communities of which they are a part. Similarly, those with whom we work inspire us. We are also committed to providing leadership to inspire others, to strengthen our communities, and to elevate professionalism in design.